They call me Tearsa

(That is pronounced "TIER-zah")


My parents each have their own story of how I got my name, Tearsa Joy Hammock.

My mother, a Filipino-Irish sweetheart of a lady who immigrated to the US in the 70s, says she cried "tears of joy" when she saw my face for the first time, though I'm sure going into labor tends to induce the opposite! My father, a prolific classical composer of Spanish guitar melodies, claims he got the name from reading The Bible in which both a woman (Numbers 27) and a city (Song of Solomon and Psalms) were named Tirzah, meaning "beloved" in Hebrew. Tirzah went to court progressively advocating (for that time, pre-Christ) that daughters should receive an inheritance when there are no sons in the family.

And, she won!

From this original spelling my father and mother collaborated on the creation of my unusual variation of a name based on these stories.

As you can guess, I've spent a significant part of my life explaining and elaborating on my own story like this one.

Today, as a visual storyteller, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm passionate about telling real stories that matter

through Cinematography, Still Photography, Audio Stories, and Journalistic Writing. 


Photo by: Gil Riego Jr.

Photography courtesy of Gil Riego Jr.


Enough about me. Let's talk about how I can help you!

Have you ever had a conversation at a party or social get-together, company event, or even amongst family

and felt like your voice wasn't heard or that your voice was overshadowed, ignored or faded into the background? 

I'm here to hear! 

You have a message that is important but needs not only to be heard, but seen. 


My images and films seek to show a deeper story than just scratching the surface of any event. 

People like working with me because I see and achieve the bigger picture

and for the value of my mission: 


I believe understanding and change in our communities begin with learning and sharing more of people's stories. 


I live to visually document truth


Let's get started on your story today!